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Top Rank Health focuses largely on providing useful information on health and overall wellness topics. Hence we only allow professional bloggers and guest writers to be a part of this blog.

If you want to contribute articles and like to be a part of this blog , then please consider following these specific guidelines and share your knowledge health resource in the way of articles.

  1. Article Length : Yes, the article length matters us, anything more than 800 words would be great resource.
  2. Article Content:  The article should be informative and should be unique (original should not found elsewhere on the Internet)
  3. Article Topic: Our blog is dedicated to list quality articles related to health and overall wellness subjects. Anything about health related will be great resource.
  4. Links in the article:  Yes, you should include external reference links in the article body where ever its required.  Also make sure you include internal links in the article body.
  5. Author Bio: Its a mandatory that you provide your author bio by including your social links. You can include your brand link or any promotion link in the author bio.
  6. Images: You should provide us relevant images along with copyrights.

Our blog is dedicated to provide informative articles from professional guest writers, So kindly follow the above guidelines and help us to provide great health resource to our audience. .

Please consider sending articles to : “toprankhealth@gmail.com”.

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