Could Switching to a Natural Oil Based Perfume be the Answer to a Healthier Life?

Most people who use chemical based perfumes may not be aware of the harm they may be causing to themselves and why a natural oil based perfume does a lot more than keeping one smelling nice.

How Plant-based Perfumes Differ From Perfumes Containing Chemicals

A fragrance oil is a combination of anywhere between 50 to over 200 different chemicals that are blended to mimic a particular scent, for example, lavender, lemon, bubblegum or cotton candy. On the other hand, essential oils come directly from a plant source.

Lemon essential oil comes directly from the skin of the lemon fruit lavender. Essential oil is steam distilled directly from real lavender buds of flowers. Carrot seed essential oil comes directly from, you guessed it, the seed of carrots and carrot seed oil is loaded with vitamin A just like the vegetable itself. This kind of information is good food for thought when selecting skin care products that you use in your daily regime.

The reason is that your skin is not only your body’s largest organ but it is also highly absorbent, so whatever you apply to your skin is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream and you want to be careful not to apply toxic chemicals directly to your skin and create a more toxic environment from within.

Natural Oil Based Perfume

Why Synthetic Fragrances Can Be Harmful

Most synthetic fragrances are petroleum based and contain toxins that can cause birth defects, nervous system disorders, developmental, immune and neurological effects. Manufacturers can legally hide thousands of toxins under the term, “fragrance”. This originated from the time fragrances were made from essential oils and flour and manufacturers did not want to reveal the consistency of ingredients.

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Nowadays, the word, “fragrance” is being used to conceal over 3,000 different chemicals. These chemicals are being inhaled absorbed and ingested by people using perfumes. It is believed that 75% of these fragrances contain phthalates which have been linked to hormonal imbalance, low sperm counts, diabetes, obesity and breast cancer.

Studies have shown that fetal exposure to chemicals in fragrances can cause autism, neurological issues and ADHD in children, so it’s something that you really want to avoid. Further, if you have asthma or allergies you should pay particular attention to these synthetic fragrances.

The Healthy Way to Smell Fresh and Clean

The alternative to perfumes laden with chemicals is to buy perfumes made using essential oils which have several health benefits.

You can make a mix of essential oil spray and use vinegar to mask some of those older unpleasant odours that you might have around your home. You can even put a bowl with water and mix it with essential oils to mask some of those smells, especially if you are a household with children in diapers.

If you enjoy using diffusers, pour essential oils in them, instead of synthetic perfumes.

Making the Most of Natural Oil Based Perfume

When you feel great on the inside, it reflects on your personality and replacing synthetic fragrances with essential oils such as Flora Remedia as part of your beauty routine can help you smell nice and boost your self-confidence.

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The secret to essential oil therapy is to use the oil on your pulse points, the spots on your wrist and neck where your pulse can be felt most strongly. The reason for this is that the body heat is the strongest at these pulse points.

As a result, the scent of any perfume applied at pulse points will be intensified, which in turn amplifies the aromatherapy benefits. Pulse points are also where your blood vessels are closest to skin and the essential oils get absorbed faster into the bloodstream. This accelerates it’s dispersion throughout the body and can help you get the best results.

When you apply essential oils such as Flora Remedia to your pulse points, the oil gets activated. Inhaling the oil causes the molecules to flow along the olfactory nerves. The molecules are transported to the limbic system inside the brain. This triggers a response in the endocrine system, enhancing your mood. It also enters the nervous system and helps in improving digestion.

The essential oil also gets absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream and the aromatherapy benefits are delivered to your individual organs.

Delivering Emotional and Physical Benefits

A mind-body wellness approach is important in maintaining good health. It’s an aspect which most cosmetic companies don’t seem to consider. Perfumes keep you smelling nice and you even feel good when you dab some on yourself. But why stop at that when you can get even more benefits?

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Essential oil blends like Flora Remedia are made in a way that benefits both the body and the mind. Ingredients such as clove leaf, sweet orange, cinnamon bark, black pepper, elm, holly, beech, elm and others work together to energise your body and recharge your brain.

If you’re looking for a safer alternative to perfumes which smell great, but can harm your health, a natural oil based perfume, is the answer. It not only keeps you smelling nice but can have a huge impact on your health in the long run.


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