Homemade Mask For Dry And Peeling Skin

Changes in normal skin condition can be influenced by various factors, such as sun exposure, friction, hydration, and environmental exposure etc. Peeling skin is usually a temporary condition, and is not fatal. Barring infections or other similar skin disorders, a new layer of pink healthy skin will be regained naturally within a couple of days. Causes of Peeling Skin Peeling

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Care During and After Pregnancy

Breast crack During breastfeeding often the appearance of cracks on the breast:  To help heal and relieve pain, it helps the following homemade recipes. Mullein infusion: 15 grams leaf and flowers of mullein 1 / 2 liter of water How to use Put Boil the water and start to boil remove from heat , add identified plant parts and let


Natural Teeth Whitening Method

Everyone wants a beautiful, white smile. The cosmetic teeth whitening industry is rapidly growing; however, not everyone can afford the expense of professional teeth whitening procedures. Items found in your pantry offer the cheapest way to get whiter teeth. Baking Soda Found conveniently in your pantry and costing less than 50 cents for a small box of baking soda works


Thinning Hair Women

Cause of thinning hair in women If the woman who has thinning hair, you may feel frustrated and worried about what is behind. The causes of hair loss in women varies from person to person. Genetics, general health of the health of the scalp, and hormones are some of the factors that affect hair growth. You may experience a temporary


Bad Breath Treatment

Treatment of bad breath Bad breath is breath that has an unpleasant odor. It is also known as halitosis.Sometimes this can happen to smell, or it can be a very permanent, depending on the cause. Millions of bacteria live in the mouth, particularly on the back of the tongue. In many people, they are the primary causes of bad breath.


How To Prevent Body Odor

Changes in the amount of perspiration, and more or less shows a lack of sweating, there is a health problem. Smell of sweat can be a chronic disease, medication, certain foods, stress or excessive secretion of hormones to come. Human exposure to various reasons such as prolonged exposure to sunlight, exercise, and sweat Azzrab and only this condition is not


How To Raise Metabolism

Most people would like to raise the level of their metabolism, in fact, almost everyone knows that this will increase the consumption of calories even when we are at rest.Without optimal metabolism the body will deposit the excess calories as fat for future use. The problem is that many people do not ever use these excess calories and this will


Cellulite Treatments

What is the cellulite Cellulite is a disorder that affects the hypodermis, a tissue that lies beneath the skin primarily fatty in nature. And caused by the degeneration of the microcirculation of adipose tissue with consequent impairment of its most important metabolic functions. Cellulite often has a family and usually occur after puberty, with accentuation and recrudescence during pregnancy and


Prevention and Treatment of Skin Wrinkles

Hence, the question raised in the minds of many people is what causes skin to wrinkle? And how to prevent premature aging of the skin? And elastin fibers in the skin’s collagen protein fibers in the main building because of its elasticity (ability to stretch and get back to original shape) to make the skin rejuvenated. It seems that cause