Do Hair Straightening Products Cause Health Problems?

As the straightened hair with sleek and perfectly styled looks are seen high on fashion meter, so every girl desires to pose the super smooth and stylish hair that make her more beautiful and confident. But, have you ever given a thought about the straightening products used by the salon professionals to straighten your hair with a whole range of straightening essentials. If not, then you must acknowledge the fact that there may be certain health hazards of using the straightening products either in the form of sprays, liquids or crèmes that claim to make your hair more beautiful and sleek. As being a today’s girl, I have got the straightened locks, but when I researched about the range of hair straightening products used in the entire process, then I realized about the potential harm of the straightening products on the human body. Hence, I am determined to bring this post to all those women who are either planning or have gone for smoothening sessions to take their call intelligently.


Do hair straightening products cause health problems?
We all dwell in a society that is concerned about looking great as it makes room for all those people who are involved in the rat race without understanding the repercussions of taking after the set standards blindly and without questioning their reality on ethical grounds. Don’t think I’m getting preachy, but this is a fact that you notice everyone is ready to go to any lengths for having straightened hair. So, it becomes imperative to have an answer to the question of hair straightening products potentially posing health risks.

Before we start with our interesting and informative details about the potential threat of straightening products, I need to make a clear and concise view of the readers about the factual substance of hair straightening.

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What is a Hair Straightening Process?
It is a process that involves the application of keratin-based hair straightening products for around 90 minutes on the hair and then blow dryers, and a flat iron is used to seal the keratin in the hair. You must know that Keratin is a natural protein present in the hair and keratin based chemical products are applied on the hair to break the natural bond of hair and give them a straightened look with perfection. You have super sleek hair free of any frizz and tangle, and you can wear this look for 2 to 3 months by using sodium sulfate free shampoo for desired results.

So, what is bad about The Hair Straightening Products?
Now, as you know the process of straightening by using the Keratin treatments that include Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy, the Brazilian Blowout, Brazilian Hair Straightening, La-Brazilian Treatment and Brazilian Keratin Treatment make hair straightened and stylish. So, whatever treatment you are using, you must know that all of these treatments involve the process of rebonding the hair structure, and that is certainly having the concerns that you should be aware of.

“All the Hair Straightening Products Contain Formaldehyde-a carcinogen element.”
Yes, it’s true that all the straightening products used for redefining your hair by using some chemicals contain formaldehyde. It is basically a hazardous chemical that causes the problems like skin rashes, irritation, and the problem in the throat, nose, and lungs leading to breathing concerns. The standard limit of formaldehyde in a styling product should be around 0.2%, but many companies fool the consumers by labeling their products as “formaldehyde-free”.

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But their products contain a high level of the chemical in question, say 10% to 11%, and it is done in the name of methanediol, formalin, methanol, and methylene glycol that releases the hazardous chemical formaldehyde when it comes in contact with heat or gets mixed with water.

Using Hair Sprays to get the Desired Looks-then Be Careful
The hair sprays used in the hair straightening process are usually in the form of gas, and so, you need to confirm from your stylist as the sprays and keratin treatments are formaldehyde free to ensure that you are not exposing your skin to the damaging chemical. Though there have been no significant proof of the formaldehyde causing cancer to the stylists or the people who go for straightening hair, as if you don’t encounter the rashes, irritation or breathing problem, then surely you need not worry. But the continuous exposure to the sprays and chemicals containing formaldehyde can cause a potential health hazard for humans.

What are Alternatives to avoid Formaldehyde?
Now the question arises as how do women save themselves from the hazardous chemical, and the solution lies in using the precise straightening products that are completely free from the chemical.

  • So, you need to ensure that your stylist makes the use of formaldehyde-free straightening products that are not damaging to your health. These products have the lasting impact for two to three months and are safe to use, but not as effective as the formaldehyde containing products.
  • You can also opt for the straightening with the advanced flat iron that particularly suits your hair texture and have the advanced features to support great styling. But don’t forget to apply a hair serum before initiating the straightening process to protect your hair from heat.
  • There is also an availability of home smoothening treatments that are not laden with heavy chemicals, but contain silicon that helps to straighten the hair without altering the structure of natural hair bonds.
  • If you have long curls that bother you a lot, then having a pixie cut is an excellent option to deal with the hair concerns with no maintenance worries.
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On a whole, it can be stated that the use of formaldehyde straightening products should be avoided if you have encountered the skin rashes and breathing problems specifically due to earlier sessions of straightening. Moreover, it would be recommended to not to go for salon hair straightening for more than twice a year and encourage your stylist to make the use of formaldehyde-free products that do not cause any health hazard and are acknowledged for being safe for your skin and hair. So, be wise and choose your styling products intelligently to have stylish and healthy hair.

Author Bio: Hi guys. My name is Miranda, and I am a professional hairstylist based in New York. I have been in the fashion industry for the past 10 years and have been graced to work with the some of the top ranking professionals in the field. For the latest information on the best hair straightener, styling tips and more, check out my hair straighteners reviews.

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