Things You Should know before Getting Breast Augmentation

If you are aiming for breast augmentation, be through with your research prior to taking a consultation. If want beautiful and sexy breasts that will enhance your natural figure and femininity then just a pair of standard implants-consider breast augmentation surgery in Atlanta at Crispin Plastic Surgery center.

A cheap breast augmentation does not require finesse or much skill, but it can be easily spotted. A beautiful breast augmentation requires years of experience and practice and unless you choose the right cosmetic surgery center-you will not achieve the desired results.

Moreover, before getting operated you should be aware of your desires and they should be well communicated to your surgeon. A good surgeon will be your best guide and help you make the visuals a reality. Majorly your expectations and understanding of the reality is very important as well, below is list of fact you should know before getting breast augmentation.

Breast Implants are not for a Lifetime:
Having breast augmentation surgery does not mean a lifetime implant. Breast implants are manmade, whether Silicone or Saline implant, you will need to go through another surgery down the road-if not more. With the passage of time, implants tend to deflate and can even rupture. A study report by implant manufacturer Allergen reports; the deflation rate is 5% after 3 years, 7% after 5 years, and 10% after 7 years.

The longer an implant stays within, the higher is the risk of rupture-the maximum on average is 10 years. On the contrary, it’s not to say that some women have enjoyed the same implants for a period of 15 to 20 years. It is however recommended to take a consultation with your surgeon for through a follow up check up and have another surgery if advised. Another fact you that you should know is that if you get the implants removed, your breasts will no longer be the original breasts you had. Choose wisely!

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Breast Implants are not instant- They will need Time to Settle Down:
Breast augmentation might be a great thrill for you and you might as well want to have the surgery as soon as possible. But-breast surgery just like other surgical procedures requires time to adjust and heal. The first week is entirely the recovery time when you are sore and need rest so your muscles and tissues can heal. Breast implants will be new hosts in your body and might be oddly shaped during the first three weeks.

The next 6 months is the time when you will start seeing tear drop shaped perky breasts. They will take their normal position on the chest and for some women, they might gain a cup size during this process of muscles letting go of tissues. You need to remember that your breast augmentation surgery will need at least 7 months just to heal and be in place. History-of-Breast-Augmentation

MRI For Silicone Implants:
For breast augmentation you choose between Silicone implant and a Saline implant. Both the implants have a silicone casing and in either case, your body will have some silicone amount inserted inside. This is normal as silicone rubber has been used for years in various surgeries.  You should understand that saline or silicone implants both have pros and cons-the major of course is the difference in feel.

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You choice of Silicone implants for breast augmentation are definitely because of the natural feel-they are soft and squishy and very close to natural breasts, in look and appeal. And Saline is simply saline water inside of a silicone cover, does not feel as natural as Silicone implant. The risk of rupture for either implant is similar and can happen due to wear and tear of even manufacturer defect.

But having saline implant makes things easier. You can immediately see the rupture as the implant bursts and leaks the saline water into the body, which gets absorbed. Silicone implant on the other hand results in a “silent rupture”.  Because of the gelatinous substance the implant doesn’t go anywhere but stays at the same place. You will not have an idea if your silicone implant has ruptured and you’re walking with one. The affect however, if the implant stays inside is adverse.

FDA recommends you getting an MRI after every three years, especially for a Silicone implant. MRI falls into cosmetic surgery and therefore the cost is not covered by most health insurances, and most surgeons will not even advise as well. The choice is of course yours, but to stay secure-it should be done after a course of 3 years at least.

Not Every Woman Has the Same Results:
1 out of every 2 women is dissatisfied with the results. They wish they’d gone for bigger cup size instead of the one they chose. The disappointment is not in the breast augmentation surgery rather in cup size they decided to have. Breast augmentation as explained already is not a normal surgery, it’s a lifetime commitment. Once you make a decision of having implants that clearly means you will lose your natural breasts forever.

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Take as much time as you want for research and go through a number of photos with your surgeon to decide on the size. Do not ever rush into the decision just because you are eager on getting breast augmentation. The excitement is obvious but the investment has to be worth the sacrifice you’ll make for your expenditure and recovery time.
The number of women being disappointed for the size choice after the surgery is a quarter-this is a relatively high number and specifically if they get a redo within 5 years. The reasons are almost similar for all of them i.e. rushing into the choice.

A Certified Surgeon Can Prevent Complications:
Your breast augmentation surgery can be successful only when you get operated right. Performing a breast implant surgery does not need finesse and expertise; anyone can place a cheap implant under your skin. But the same surgery will result in complications afterwards-it is very important to get operated with a certified surgeon.

This surgery will make you go through some tough emotional time as well, in such a case and in time of best consultation-a good surgeon will be your best guide. Choose a board certified surgeon and you will be happy with the results.

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