7 Unique Ways to Get your Kids to Floss!

Dental health needs to be taken as a priority. Inculcating the habit of maintaining good dental hygiene at an early age will make sure you have a healthy and beautiful smile forever. While we generally teach and discuss how to brush properly the part we tend to miss out is flossing. Using a dental floss is necessary to remove food

women felling cold

Easy Ways to Get Relief from a Cough

A cough can be such a nuisance. Besides signifying that there is something wrong with your health, it’s also annoying and uncomfortable to boot. You want it gone as soon as even a hint of it shows up. The tickle in your throat strikes at such the worst times, for example, when you’re sleeping or when you’re in a quiet


Mouth Guard: Why Is It Important Both for Athletes and Non-Athletes?

What’s that in a boxer’s mouth during a fight? In a football player’s mouth during a game? It’s very noticeable because of its color, which is usually bright, and because of how bulky it appears. That thing is called a mouth guard. It doesn’t sound very new at all because it is one of the most important protective gears used


5 Common Shoulder Injuries

While athletic activities result in shoulder injuries, it is surprising how our day-to-day activities can also take a toll on our shoulder strength. Whether it is lifting heavy boxes or throwing a ball at a long distance, one wrong move and you might end up with an injured shoulder. Similarly, your shoulders are at their most vulnerable when you are

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Sleep Soundly with These Essential Low-Cost Mattress Care Tips

You may spend a couple of hours a day on your favorite easy chair or your couch. You spend even less time on your kitchen chairs, patio furniture, and in your desk chair. Do you know where you spend the majority of your life by volume? On top of your mattress. The average person spends at least eight hours in

Natural Oil Based Perfume

Could Switching to a Natural Oil Based Perfume be the Answer to a Healthier Life?

Most people who use chemical based perfumes may not be aware of the harm they may be causing to themselves and why a natural oil based perfume does a lot more than keeping one smelling nice. How Plant-based Perfumes Differ From Perfumes Containing Chemicals A fragrance oil is a combination of anywhere between 50 to over 200 different chemicals that

Plastic Surgery women body

10 Things to Consider Before You Go For A Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery is a common procedure that involves reconstruction, restoration or alteration of human body parts. The concept of plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery was first documented by Edwin Smith Papyrus, is as old as 3000 BC. Later physicians like Sushruta and Charaka(800BC) came up with new techniques of surgery that resemble the present surgery processes. Previously, only soldiers with


13 food storage do’s and don’ts

Storing food is an everyday task, and it is an important task, as food wastage is irresponsible. Storing food is a necessity in every kitchen of every household, restaurant or hotel. The motive behind storing food is keeping it fresh for consumption at a later date. There are many methods, both conventional and modern, involved in storing food. However, there

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5 Tips on How to Relieve Toothache Pain

A toothache is one of the most dreaded things to endure. It is a throbbing and incessant agony that makes you want to crawl or almost rip off your face. The first answer to any kind of dental pain has to be the dentist. But there are times when you do not get to visit the dentist then and there