10 Things to Consider Before You Go For A Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery is a common procedure that involves reconstruction, restoration or alteration of human body parts. The concept of plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery was first documented by Edwin Smith Papyrus, is as old as 3000 BC. Later physicians like Sushruta and Charaka(800BC) came up with new techniques of surgery that resemble the present surgery processes.
Previously, only soldiers with deep war wounds and the rich aristocrat families had the luxury of plastic surgery. With its growing popularity, plastic surgery is now made affordable for the common people who have undergone major accidents, life-threatening diseases and even people born with facial, limb or any other body deformities.


Check out our top 10 considerations to take before having plastic surgery.

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1. Plastic Surgery cannot change how you feel about yourself
Medical professionals have seen many plastic surgery cases. They have experienced different types of patients who cannot accept their deformities. They are always questioning “Why Us”. You must know that even if you hate yourself, a plastic surgery will not be able to make you feel better.
Your features are genetic. A plastic surgery will not be able you open your doors to new opportunities and successes. It will just change your appearance to as close as normal. If you feel that the change can make you confident or add to your personality, you have our consent. Go for it!

2. Ask if there are any alternatives to undergoing a surgery
Surgery in general is an unpleasant experience, plastic surgery certainly is no exception to this. So before you decide on getting a surgery, ask about any non-surgical alternatives to your problems. An ointment, diet-change or exercise sometimes can be good alternatives for nerve and face deformities.

Only consider getting a surgery when you don’t have any alternative cure. Consult with your doctor and discuss it.

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3. Research in detail about the surgery
The internet gives you a wealth of information about everything. If you are sure you want to have plastic surgery , it is always better to know about it in detail. Research extensively about the procedure, watch videos of the procedure being carried out and reach out to people who have undergone these procedures on reputable forums.
Remember that the internet has both relevant and irrelevant information. Know how to recognize the relevancy from the ocean of ideas and opinions that this vast information source provides. You can note down the information to verify them with your medical practitioner when you go for a consultation.

4. Choose your practitioner wisely
Many plastic surgeries do not demand consultation with the practitioner. However, we suggest you insist on meeting your practitioner. A good plastic surgeon will not refuse to meet you in person to discuss the surgery. You might already know your doctor, but do you know about their reputation in the business?
It will not hurt to do your research. Ask around to see if any of your relatives or neighbors know the doctor. Find out how long they have been in practice, which areas or procedures they specialize in and what are their qualifications. Select a well qualified, reputable practitioner to perform your surgery.

5. Understand the risks that come with plastic surgery
Plastic surgery, like any other surgery, comes with many risks, however non-invasive they are. Each type of plastic surgery has the possibility of risk or complication. It is important to understand these potential dangers and be clear with the discussion you have with your doctor.

6. Know that the surgery might not yield immediate results
If you have already gone through the success stories of people who have gone through a similar surgery, you might know that the results of the surgery are not immediate. So before you go through a surgery and start judging its immediate results, we want you to know that a plastic surgery is a big game of patience.

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7. Consult your doctor at least twice to know if you are healthy enough to get this surgery
Your health is important. This is why we recommend receiving multiple consultations. This isn’t just for the plastic surgery you would like to see but also to ensure you are healthy enough for plastic surgery.
Though the risks related to plastic surgeries are minimum, the process can become unpleasant, painful or life-risking if the practitioner does not know everything about your body, especially if he is operating on a sensitive area. Go for at least two consultations before getting a surgery and make sure you carry all your medical certificates and prescriptions with you.

8. Ask a lot of questions
Should I get a surgery or settle with some alternative? This is a dilemma that everyone faces. We understand that getting a surgery is a big decision. It is also normal to have multiple questions running in your mind, wanting to be answered.
We would suggest you be quizzical at your consultations. Ask all questions you want an answer for, what kind of results can you expect from the surgery, will it be satisfying enough, what is the success rate, what are the possible risks, will you be able to continue the same lifestyle, etc.

9. Understand the process of recovery
Be prepared for the pre and post operation necessities. Go through all of the instructions provided by your doctor so you can fully understand what may happen pre-op and post-op. Patients sometimes ignore the post-op factors and suffer through the process.
Will it be a walk-in walk-out procedure? Should you bring along someone to take you home after the surgery? To what level will it pain and can you continue working post the operation? When are the post-op visits? There are multiple such things to be considered beforehand for you to have a hassle-free surgery.

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10. Ask for a ‘cooling period’
In most cases, doctors advise the patients to take some time off and think before they make a decision. Make sure you utilize the cooling off period to go through your options, do some more research and talk to people. If anytime you have a doubt, you can visit more doctors and practitioners. This way you will have many options to choose from before settling on one.

Have you ensured all of your requests and concerns have been addressed? Do you prefer a specific gender doctor for your procedure? If so, ensure when you get your consultations this comes up. You will most likely not be able to change this once your procedure has been approved.


Once you have prepared your mind and body for plastic surgery, try to relax yourself so you have a positive surgical procedure.

We wish you luck in locating your plastic surgery path!


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